XII Apostles RCPS After School Club

After School Clubs Spring Term 2018 commencing week beginning 5th January; letters will be sent out to parents with more detail.

Day Time Club Teacher Year Group
Monday 3.15-4.15pm Poetry Club Miss Wild and Mr Moore  Yr 5 and 6
10am to 10.30am
Play leaders Mrs Williams KS2
Staff Meeting
3.15-4.15pm Infant Sports Club Mr Moore and Mr Forshaw Year 1 and 2
Wednesday 12.30-1pm
Additional classroom
Mrs McKintyre ; Grandparent KS 2
Liturgy Team Mrs Newton Year 5 and 6
3.15-4.15pm French Miss Ryan Yr 3
3.15-4.15pm Rugby Practice Mr Moore and Mr Forshaw  
3.15-4.15pm Choir Miss Hitchen Yr 4, 5 ,6
Thursday 3.15-4.15pm Eco Club Mrs Gallagher
Stella Holehouse
Yr 2 rotate groups
3.15-4.15pm Football Mr Rowlands and Mr Forshaw KS 2
Friday Lunchtime Homework Club Junior resource area Mrs Williams KS 2
3.15-4.15pm Rugby (Cricket seasonal )
Inter school competition
Mr Moore Mr Forshaw Yr 3,4,5,6
Lunchtime School Council Mr Rowlands KS1 and KS 2

DAILY MILE KS 2 1-1.15PM EVERY DAY - DAILY MILE KS 1 Tuesday and Thursday