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Spring 2018 Term

11th January 2018

Star of the Week, Friends of XII Apostles, Cancer Care Trust, Attendance Awards and Merits, Curriculum Topic Webs

Winter 2017 Term

14th December 2017

Year 4 – Reconciliation, Star of the Week, Christmas Dinner in school, Second hand Toy Sale, Christmas Charities

8th December 2017

Early Years Foundation Stage

6th December 2017

Year 6 Cinema Trip

5th December 2017

Choir School Trip

30th November 2017

SCHOOL CLOSURE, Christmas Charities, Star of the Week, Year 4 Sacrament of Reconciliation, Christmas Coffee Morning

Autumn 2017 Term

23rd November 2017

School Closure - Mrs Twist Funeral

16th November 2017

Cross Country Lunchtime Club, Daily Mile – Getting Active, Star of the Week, Mile of Copper, Trips, Reading Writing Festival

9th November 2017

Year 2 Liverpool Jewish Synagogue Trip

3rd November 2017

Year 6 – Chester Zoo Trip – Friday 24th November

2nd November 2017

Year 6 – Empire Cinema Trip, Wigan – Thursday 9th November

2nd November 2017

Rugby, A Special Mention, Reception Intake September 2018, Lunchtime Award, Sponsored Bounce, Mile of Copper, Year 4 Parents Evening

1st November 2017

Year 4 Jewish Museum Synagogue

5th October 2017

Harvest Assembly, Cake Sale, CAFOD Harvest Appeal, Star of the Week, School Council Suggestion Boxes, Fund Raising Events

21st September 2017

Data Collection Forms, Holiday Projects, School Photographer, Sponsored Bounce, Mile of Copper, Christmas Hampers, Second Hand Toy Sale

14th September 2017

Year 1 Theatre Trip

13th September 2017

Year 2 - Blackpool Circus Trip

11th September 2017

Welcome Back, Data Collection Forms, Asthmatic Children, Holiday Homework, Mass at XII Apostles Church, Cyberbullying

Summer 2017 Term

20th July 2017

Star of the Week, Summer Coffee Morning, Awards & Merits, Curriculum Topic Webs, Holiday Homework, School Uniform.

6th July 2017

Year 6 – Enterprise Event, Star of the Week, School Uniform, Transition Day, Summer Coffee Morning.

26th June 2017

Year 3 & Year 5 – Gala Concert Trip.

26th June 2017

Year 5 – Jazz Concert Trip.

22nd June 2017

School Council Elections, Schools Unite, Thanksgiving Mass, Summer Coffee Morning, Year 6 – Leavers Mass.

22nd June 2017

On Friday 30th June members of choir will be taking part in a Wigan Schools Choir Festival at St. Stephen’s Church in Wigan.

21st June 2017

Year 5 pupils visiting a Hindu Temple on Deane Road, Bolton on Monday 26th June

20th June 2017

Year 2 visit Southport on Monday 26th June

20th June 2017

Year 4 visit to The National Museum on Thursday 13th July

16th June 2017

Year 6 End of Term Trip Friday 23rd June

16th June 2017

Reception Formby Trip - Tuesday 4th July

8th June 2017

Rugby Match, Phonics Screening Test Year 1, Star of the Week, School Choir Performance

23rd May 2017

Year 3 Trip to Chester

25th May 2017

School Art Exhibition, Online Safety, Star of the Week, Rugby Match, First Holy Communion, Summer Term 2 Trips and Visitors

23rd May 2017

Year 3 Trip to Chester

15th May 2017

Tattenhall Conway Centre Trip – Thursday 8th till Friday 9th June

12th May 2017

SAT's Breackfast Mornings

2nd May 2017

SAT's Breackfast Mornings

28th April 2017

Year 4 Retreat Day Trip

27th April 2017

Star of the Term, Eggsellent Egg Decoration, Easter Coffee Morning & Slattery Egg Raffle, Lenten Fundraising Events

12th April 2017

Year 1 Class trip to Smithills Farm

3rd April 2017

Sex Education Lesson Letter

Spring 2017 Term

31st March 2017

Parental Questionnaire, Rugby Team, Local History Themed Weeks, Lent, Easter Egg Raffle, Rainbow Own Clothes Day

21st March 2017

Reception Class trip to Kenyon Hall Farm

17th March 2017

Attendance Matters, Rugby Team, Request for Leave, Lent, Easter Egg Raffle, Parents Evenings, Spring Fair.

9th February 2017

Appeal for Sponsors, Spring Fair, Safer Internet Day, Safety – School Car Park, Year 3 Trip to the Lake District, Year 5 - Parental Workshop.

Winter 2016 Term

26th January 2017

Appeal for Sponsors, Friends Meeting, Fancy Dress Party, Year 5 - Parental Workshop, Robin Wood Outdoor Adventure Centre.

12th January 2017

Sponsors, Welcome Back, Reception Applications, Advent Charity - CAFOD, Christmas Hat Winners, Year 3 Trip to the Lake District.

15th December 2016

Sponsors, Year 4 – Reconciliation, Advent Charity - CAFOD, Children due to start in the Reception Class, XII Apostles Got Talent.

17th November 2016

Stars of the Week, Christmas CD, Reception Intake September 2017, Collective Worship, Trips, Advent Mass

3rd November 2016

Cross Country Lunchtime Club, Lunchtime Award, Reception Intake September 2017, Sponsored Bounce, Year 3 – Remembrance Assembly

Autumn 2016 Term

6th October 2016

Stars of the Week, Year 4 Harvest Assembly, Sponsored Bounce, Parents Evenings, Mile of Copper, Bikes, Schools and Local Authority Privacy Notice

22nd September 2016

Sponsored Bounce, Mile of Copper, Christmas Hampers, Second Hand Toy Sale, Christmas Coffee Morning & Hat Parade, Christmas CD’s

8th September 2016

Stars of the Term, John Thompson Awards, Year Group Topic, School Photographer, Year 4 Sacramental Preparation Programme

Summer 2016 Term

19th July 2016

Summer Coffee Morning, Choir Performance - Porridge, School Uniform – September, Year 6 – Leavers Assembly, Year Group Topic - Website

7th July 2016

Science Fair, Let the Children Speak, School Reports, Sports Day, Year 6 – Business Enterprise Event, Congratulations, Class Transition

23rd June 2016

Stars of the Week, Sports Day, Thanksgiving Mass, School Choir Performance, Year 6 – Business Enterprise Event, Summer Coffee Morning, Year 6 – Leavers Assembly

9th June 2016

Stars of the Week, Rugby Match, Spring Fair, Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration, Science Themed Week, Phonics Screening Tests

5th May 2016

Rugby, SAT’s Week, Spring Fair Raffle, Spring Fair, Friends meeting, Trips, Class Photographs, First Holy Communion and Confirmation Mass

21th April 2016

Friends meeting, Spring Fair, Spring Fair Raffle, Spring Assembly, SATs Week, Well done Rugby & Netball Team!, Net NSPCC Aware Website

7th April 2016

Eggcellent Egg Decorations, Easter Coffee Morning, Lenten Fundraising Event, Spring Fair, Important Dates for this Half Term

Spring 2016 Term

10th March 2016

Rugby Team, Lenten Appeal, Easter Egg Raffle, Rainbow Own Clothes Day, World Famous Cake Sale, Las Vegas Afternoon

25th February 2016

Football Team, Lenten Appeal, Easter Egg Raffle, World Famous Cake Sale, Las Vegas Afternoon, Parents Evenings

4th February 2016

Football Team, Wall Climbing, Spring Fair, Reminders, Year 2 – Collective Worship, Newsletter Sponsors 2016

21st January 2016

Year 6 – Robin Wood, Football Team, Newsletter Sponsors 2016, Newsletter Sponsors 2016, Climbing Wall Event

7th January 2016

Robin Wood, Sacramental Preparation, Wigan CPSD, Collective Worship, Climbing Wall Event, School Calendars, Staff Car Park.

Autumn 2015 Term

17th December 2015

Advent Charity, Friends Coffee Morning, Newsletter Sponsors 2016, School Calendars, Children due to start in Reception Class.

3rd December 2015

Bring and Buy Toy Sale, Advent Charity, El Salvador Day, Leigh Carol Service, Breakfast with Santa, Advent Mass.

19th November 2015

Year 2 – Christmas Performance, Bring and Buy Toy Sale, Advent Mass, Own Clothes Day, School Music Festival.

5th November 2015

School Music Festival, Sponsored Bounce, Mile of Copper, Fancy Dress Parties, Rugby Team, Future Dates for your Diary.

15th October 2015

Sponsored Bounce, Year 4 Fundraising Week, Parent’s Evening, Fancy Dress Party, School Music Festival.

1st October 2015

Sponsored Bounce, Harvest Assembly, Cake Sale for CAFOD,Rainbow Clothes Day, Parent’s Evening.

3rd September 2015

School Photographer, Year 4 – Harvest Assembly, Sponsored Bounce, Parents Workshops and Meetings, After school Clubs.

Summer 2015 Term

16th July 2015

Alice in Wonderland – Choir Performance, Summer Coffee Mornin, Unclaimed Raffle Prizes, Year 6 Leavers Assembly.

30th June 2015

Parent Governor, Let the Children Speak, Whole School Choir Performance, School Reports, New National Curriculum.

18th June 2015

First Holy Communion and Confirmation, Year 6 – Enterprise Evening, Thanksgiving Mass, Whole School Choir Performance.

3rd June 2015

Staffing Changes, Sports Afternoon, KS1 Activities, E-Safety, Defibrillator, Year 6 – Enterprise Event,Year 5 WOPS Lesson.

14th May 2015

SAT’’s Week, Class Mass, Spring Fair, Half Term Break, St John’s Ambulance, E.Safety, New Electronic Dinner System.

30th April 2015

Year 1 Spring Assembly, Friday 1st May, SATS Week, Collective Worship, Spring Fair, Parish News.