Physical Education and Sports Funding information 2016-17

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million each year for 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 to improve provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in school. Each school receives £8000, plus £5 per pupil on roll. For 2015-16, our total grant was £8900.

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Action Expenditure Impact /Proposed Impact
The 2 sports apprentices are now extending their apprenticeship to study for a level 3 teaching assistant qualification. We have invested a lot of time in training, mentoring and supporting our apprentices and now want to build on the good work and sports provision in place. Therefore the funding will be used to meet the cost of the apprentices. £7545 The support provided by our sports apprentices over the last 12 months has been integral to our progress and achievement. Our apprentices really enhance the extra-curricular opportunities on offer at XII Apostles.
See provision 2015-16
Employment of a sport coaches to deliver specialized after school clubs £1000 All our after school clubs are free of charge to the children thus ensuring maximum participation. Clubs are fully inclusive within the appropriate year groups. Attendance levels at the clubs we offer is always high; The sports grant allows us to offer a wide range of clubs to all our learners. In 2015-16 we had a record number of clubs and attendees for our school.
To purchase new equipment to support delivery of curriculum and replace worn/unsuitable items. £500 Our curriculum is ever changing. We are constantly monitoring and updating the resources available to the staff in order to ensure our children have access to everything they need in lessons without having to wait. Our resources are plentiful and kept up to date with any new initiatives we introduce to ensure we can provide quality PE lessons on a daily basis.

Physical Education and Sports Funding Impact 2015-16

Action Expenditure Impact /Proposed Impact
Employ 2 sports apprentices to work alongside class teachers as well as lead children’s games during lunch and break times and support extracurricular activities . £7000 towards cost of sports apprentices Under the direction of the PE subject Leader the sports apprentices have established the following ;
  • A successful and well attended after school sports club for KS 1. The impact has been that children from a young age are active and have the opportunities to take part in sport, and develop a range of multi skills in a fun context. Approximately 30 children regularly attend this club.
  • A lunchtime sports club in each key stage to encourage non participants in sport. This has led to the engagement of targeted pupils in sport who do not attend any of the after school sports clubs.
  • Provided support for after school sports clubs, rugby, netball, football and cricket. This has enabled children to work in smaller groups to develop skills according to need.
  • Organised a lunchtime cross country club. 50+ children attended regularly. As a result of regular practice the children successfully competed in inter school events.
  • Organised lunchtime games impacting on behaviour.

Our apprentices have provided much needed support during lessons and have really enhanced the extra-curricular opportunities on offer at our school.

Leigh Centurions apprentices have been employed to work with all the classes in key stage 2 on a rolling programme to develop rugby skills. They delivered the invasion games module of the PE curriculum. £900 towards cost of Leigh Centurions apprentices Working with rugby players and apprentices has given the children role models to aspire to in this sport. It has also helped them to develop an interest in a local sport and encouraged them to attend matches and join junior teams outside school as well as the school team.
After school rugby, football, netball and cricket (seasonal ) practices and competing against other school with a qualified sports coach. This is open to all children in KS 2. £1000 toward cost of sports coach Higher percentage of children participating in sporting activities and taking an interest in sport. Using the funding to pay for a qualified sports coach has increased school participation in inter school competitions. The sports coach also organises the fixtures for ruby and football matches with local schools .
Total expenditure £8900 At XII Apostles we truly understand the impact this funding has had on our children. PE and sport is held in very high regard and as a school we supplement the grant money with investment of our own.