A Christmas Chorus

Twelve Apostles is already filled with the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. Every individual is busy preparing for many events to come both in and out of school; for instance, on Wednesday 6th December, the school choir participated in the parish carol concert. The congregation was in awe at the sound of the amazing, angelic voices that echoed around the church. The Twelve Apostles choir were joined by six other schools.

Each class is now preparing for the upcoming carol service in school – the children, along with their teachers, have selected a Christmas carol to sing in front of the school. For the whole school, this is a truly exciting time because they all get to showcase their talents. Visitors have commented on the lovely ethos the school gives out.

In addition, Year two have not only got this on their hands but also have to practise the school’s annual nativity play. Each year this play goes forth and this year the matinee is on Wednesday 13th December and the evening performance takes place on Thursday 14th December. What stars they are!!

Every Wednesday after school, choir have been practising for their events that are planned for them. For example: they will be singing at M&S to raise money for the schools chosen charities. Also, they will be going to Hourigan House to bring joy to the elderly community.

Next Thursday 14 December in the morning, the Year fives (Including two Year sixes) are inviting parents and guardians to a musical ensemble using trumpets, trombones and tenor horns. Will they succeed in impressing the audience?

After all the frantic events happening, a well-earned rest and a pat on the back is needed for the whole school, teachers, students and assistants.


Merry Christmas to all. HO! HO! HO!

Written by Poppy and Joel.


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Match Report: Twelve Apostles vs St. Gabriels

It was the first game of the season for XII Apostles against St. Gabriel’s and both teams arrived at Bedford on Friday 17th November. They had trained very hard in pre-season for this opportunity and the match started around four o’clock and both teams were raring to go.

St Gabriel’ scored 2 goals after Corey tried his best to save them but he didn’t succeed. However, Evan, XII Apostles’ striker, smashed the ball in the back of the net like a race car making the score line 2-1 at half time. At half time XII Apostles made substitutes which were Darragh for Jake and Joey for Jayden and they was ready to go.

After the half time team talk, the men in red must of understood their two coaches (Mr Forshaw and Mr Rowlands) because they came back with their heads high. It definitely showed because after going 4-1 down with another two goals from St. Gabriels, they did not look down and out. Corey kicked the ball up field and Evan smashed the ball into the back of the net which made it 4-2. Suddenly, with XII Apostles on the attack again, Evan had hit the ball so hard the keeper fell onto the floor and Evan struck it again and scored his 3rd goal which made it 4-3 and Evan had a hat-trick. However, XII Apostles were not finished yet and Evan scored his 4th goal of the game! Completing the second half come back, this made the scoring 4-4 and at that moment the final whistle went and it ended a draw.

After the game, the XII Apostles coaches were so happy it ended a draw. Both teams got a point each. XII Apostles’ man of the match was Darragh as he did an impressive job defending all the shots.

Written by Corey and Bradley

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Match report: Twelve Apostles Rugby Team vs Bedford Hall Methodist Rugby Team

Twelve apostles travelled across Leigh in the second game of the season to play away at Bedford Hall Methodist on Thursday 12th October 2017. The Twelve Apostles team went into the game with high spirits as they had just come off the back of a good win against their fierce rivals Newton Westpark in the opening game of the season.

The game kicked off at around 4pm and the away team seemed to settle into the game quite quickly and got their first try on the scoresheet within the first five minutes, as Bradley scored a well worked try. This try was followed by 2 more by Evan and Leon before Bedford woke up and started to match Twelve Apostles effort. Minutes before half time, Bedford’s efforts were rewarded with a try. Making the score at half time 6 – 18 to Twelve Apostles.

The second half started and it was clear to see that both teams were raring to go. Twelve Apostles continued their scoring with a try from Thomas. However, Bedford replied instantly with a try of their own. Towards the end of the game both teams got into a heated battle, each team increased the numbers on the score sheet with each team scoring three more tries with Evan adding two to his tally making it a hat-trick and Jake picking up a well-deserved try.

After a very exciting and intense game Twelve Apostles held on for another win and took two points back to Westleigh with the game finishing at 24 – 42, with Jake collecting the man of the match for his excellent team performance.

Written by Evan G

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Match Report: Twelve Apostles Rugby Team vs Newton West Park Rugby Team

After all the hardwork both teams had put into preseason the opening game of the season had arrived and landed on a dismal Friday afternoon, on 6th October, XII Apostles hosted Newton West Park in the eagerly anticipated battle of Nel Pan Lane.

Unfortunately, the field was extremely heavy and dense with mud. The Blues were fired up for this local derby and kicked off at around 4pm and the hosts were quick to open the scoring with a try in the first few minutes, it was created by Evan H. who made a clean 40 yard break and off-loaded to Jake. This was converted to add the extras. The crowd cheered with celebration. This game seemed to be a one-sided game as XII Apostles scored 3 more consecutive tries before half time.

After the interval it seemed that both teams had not lost any energy and the half time team talks benefitted both teams. It was the home side who carried on their try scoring form adding another three to their tally. In the final closing minutes, the visitors gave the away fans something to cheer about as they scored a well-deserved consolation try.

The final score was 36 – 6 giving Twelve Apostles their first 2 points of the season and lots of confidence for their upcoming fixture. The man of the match was shared between Reece and Bradley with Jude, Leo, Bradley, Evan G, Stephen and Jake (2) the try scorers on the day.

Written by Jude and Evan H.

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Wonderful Winners At Westleigh

On September 19th 2017, a team of year sixes travelled after school to Westleigh High to play in a netball-football tournament against several teams in numerous matches. The competition started at 4 o’clock and ended at 6 o’clock.


Feelings were mixed among the netball players; some were excited and some were more confident than others. The team were all nervous- no doubt about that -as it was their first ever netball competition in year 6. Everyone was full of anticipation while they waited for their parents to appear. The tension grew inside the netball players as their turn in the netball competition came to them. The Netball girls walked up with confidence to play their first ever game of the year.

Later, after the amazing game ended the netball team won by one nil. They took a quick drink and changed the sub for the next round. The match started and the netball girls took a breath as the whistle was blown by the coach. They had matches back to back and were successful.

The kind people who organized the event allowed them to have free food such as fish and chips, hot dogs and ice cream.

After they had eaten their food, they all walked to the sports hall where the awards were presented to the players. The event leader announced in reverse order the winners. Eventually, after the anticipation built up Twelve Apostles found out that they had come first. They had won 3 matches and drew 1. One of the football players couldn’t contain his excitement and was dancing around the gymnasium.


Written by Kathryn, Eve, Clodagh and Jake.

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Twelve Apostles come smashing back into action: sports clubs are back!

The feelings of Twelve Apostles are of excitement and anticipation as the sports clubs are about to start. After a successful end to the academic year of 2016/17 with the Kirkhall cup victory over Sacred Heart, everyone in school is feeling optimistic and confident this year.

The week commencing the 11th September 2017, all of the after school clubs began.

Here is a list of the after school clubs including what time they are on and who is coaching:

  • Netball – Monday 3:15-4:15 – Miss Wild and Mr Moore
  • Football – Thursday 3:15-4:15 – Mr Rowlands and Mr Forshaw
  • Rugby – Friday 3:15-4:15 – Mr Moore and Mr Forshaw

Twelve Apostles are participating in these after school clubs to get out of the house on boring days. The juniors are trying their best to get chosen for the teams since last year’s achievements were unbelievable. Will they follow in their footsteps? It’s a new year so Twelve Apostles will discover new athletes. Of course they will shock the coaches – everyone deserves a chance.

Watch this space and follow the progress!

Written by Bradley, Zara, Rhys, James and Tyler.

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XII apostles v St Thomas’

For this week’s fixture, XII Apostles faced St Thomas’ on Bedford High astro turf. XII Apostles kicked off the match at 4:00pm on 27nd January 2017. Minutes later, St Thomas’ tested the goalkeeper, Jack Farrar, however he was in fine form after a succession of immaculate saves yet after a bombardment of shots his defence weakened which allowed St Thomas’ to take the lead. As the blues (St Thomas’) smothered the midfield, it made it difficult for XII Apostles to get a hold of the game.

During half time, we had a change of tactics and formation meaning George little coming on for Anthony Pilling making his debut for the school and Leo Pye came off for Jayden Blakely.

As the second half got under way, XII Apostles patched up the defence causing St Thomas’ to give away a penalty. Noah Hodkinson added to his season tally from the penalty spot. After the positive start, XII Apostles began to tire which consequently lead to St Thomas’ expanding their lead. At the last kick of the game, XII Apostles found a consolation goal from an unlikely source, defender Louis Sumner.

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X11 Apostles VS Newton West Park: By Joshua Hopkins Finlay Eastham and Evan Hall

On a rainy day, XII Apostles clashed with their rivals Newton West Park. Kick off was at 4.00 pm. X11 apostles met at Bedford high school and the date was 3.2.17.

As soon as the whistle blew, they attacked the ball and the reds passed it to Finlay Eastham who laid off an excellent ball to Evan hall and he bagged the ball into the left corner in the blues net. This gave XII Apostles a confidence boost. However, the visitors came back with a phenomenal free kick from near the touch line and beat the goalkeeper of XII Apostles to result in a goal. This made it 1-1; it was end to end football.

Five minutes before half time, Newton West Park scored past the goalkeeper and it was a unfortunate goal by them and it took the reds confidence down and the blues , who were now in the lead, finished the half 2-1 up. At half time, the managers Mr Rowlands and Mr Forshaw made 2 changes – they took off Finlay and George for Leo and Jack.

After a five minute break, the reds scored again by harry and he took them back in the game to win. From this, the reds found a competitive edge. The blues came back after 15 minutes and took the lead. XII Apostles thought it was over for them… Then, Evan, the lone striker, was about to score for XII Apostles; unfortunately, it hit the post. Amazingly, he got a touch to the ball and scored a game changing goal to score.

From this, the tight match ended with a score of 3-3.

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XII Apostles v St Gabriels Match Report: Louis Sumner, Leo Pye, Jacob Thompson and Jayden Blakely.

For this week’s fixture, Twelve Apostles hosted St.Gabriels at Bedford High school on the AstroTurf pitches. St.Gabriels kicked off the match at 4:00pm on Friday 25th November 2016. For ten minutes, no side dominated possession or took hold of the game until XII apostles got hit on the break which led to them slotting it past the red’s goalkeeper.

St.Gabriels doubled their lead with a long hopeful ball which created a path for their striker who finished low and hard. Nearing the half way point XII Apostles’ confidence was shattered consequently the coaches (Mr.Rowlands and Mr.Forshaw) had to make a change. Finlay Eastham and Jessikah Anderson came off for Jayden Blakeley and Jacob Thompson.

With fresh legs, XII Apostles started the second half well. After repetitive attacks from the reds, Leo Pye struck the ball into the back of the net. Five minutes later, Jayden scored a fantastic goal to bring XII Apostles a chance to win. After the equaliser, XII Apostles battled for a last minute goal from Noah Hodkinson completing the comeback. St. Gabriels pushed for a very late equaliser but XII Apostles stayed strong and Joshua Hopkins denied all shots.

This performance brought XII Apostles their first victory of the new campaign and filled them with confidence for the forthcoming fixtures.

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XII Apostles V St Ambrose match report: Harry Dilworth, Evan Hall and Jayden Blakely

At 4:00pm on Friday 18 November, Twelve Apostles joined St Ambrose at Bedford High for the opening fixture of the football season.

At kick-off, St Ambrose started off well and caught XII Apostles off guard with an early goal from the striker. Evan pushed St Ambrose further ahead with an unfortunate own goal. Not long after, Evan took a shot at redemption with a solid assist by Noah. This gave XII Apostles a confidence boost and brought them back into the game. After a tough battle, St Ambrose pushed further ahead with a goal from the wing. However, Evan brought XII Apostles back into the game with a well-played shot laid off by Jayden.

Just before half time, St Ambrose fired a long range attempt at goal that caught XII Apostles off guard; this caused XII Apostles to lose their confidence. It was a close few minutes till the half time whistle blew.

At half time, Bradley Morris and Jessikah Anderson replaced Noah Hodkinson and Jayden Blakeley. Unfortunately, yet another goal from St Ambrose took XII Apostles out of the game. In an attempt to bring the game back, the XII Apostles coach took of Leo Pye and Louis Sumner and replaced them with Finlay Eastham and Anthony Pilling. However, St Ambrose had a late two shots which finished off the game and left St Ambrose fans delighted.

It was a disappointing result for XII Apostles but an encouraging first half against a strong team. XII Apostles will definitely be looking forward to the rest of the season.

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