The Final game of the season: John Woods Cup Final

On Friday the 25th may, XII Apostles faced Leigh CE at Leigh Miners rugby ground for the second time in as many weeks. This time was the John Woods cup final and was also the final game of the season, which was also the last ever school game for the Year 6s. XII Apostles felt both anxious and excited at the opportunity to gain some revenge from the previous week’s disappointment in the Kirkhall cup final against the same opposition. This was a chance to prove themselves.

The game kicked off at around 4 o’clock and the pitch was very slippy due to the rain, which made it very difficult for both teams to keep hold of the ball. Despite these conditions, both teams showcased their tremendous talents. Leigh CE opened the scoring in the corner with a very well worked try. However, within a few minutes XII Apostles managed to score a try in the corner of their own with Evan getting over the line making the score 6-4 to Leigh CE. After about 10 minutes of superb rugby both teams Leigh CE scored another. Although this try was swiftly cancelled out by a fantastic passing try from XII Apostles and Bradley, showing excellent technical rugby skills. The half time whistle went leaving both teams tied at 10-10.

The second half commenced. It was very obvious both teams were determined to go home champions. As a result of more end to end, high octane rugby the scoreline did not stay the same for very long and Leigh CE used their size and strength to notch another two tries onto the scoresheet. XII Apostles on the other hand did not look like giving up and would not allow Leigh CE to dominate. XII Apostles continued to show their classy style of Rugby creating more chances. With five minutes left to play they got a break and closed the gap with a try from Jake. The score was 14 – 22 with only minutes to play and XII Apostles looking like they could score again. Unfortunately, Leigh CE managed to survive XII Apostles attacks and in the last play of the game they sealed their victory.

The final whistle blew and the game finished 14-28 to Leigh CE. XII Apostles finished as valiant runners-up, with the opposition coach praising their style of rugby. The man of the match was awarded to Jake for his creative play throughout the match, although the whole team played superbly well as they have done throughout the season.

Written by Hudson and Jake.

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X11 Apostles vs St Josephs: Match Report

On Thursday the 10th of May, at four o clock. X11 apostles battled against St Josephs in the combined semi-final of the Kirkhall and John Woods cup. It was a very exciting and nerve wracking match because X11 Apostles had already lost against St Josephs at the beginning of the season and a lot was riding on the result of this game.

To start the match X11 Apostles kicked off to the away team. Then, the Twelvies pushed the away team back to their own try line and showed the visitors how good they are. After a short time, X11 Apostles opened the scoring with Evan H providing the 4 points. Ben then getting the two points. St. Josephs seemed to be getting back into the game but X11s proved to be too strong. The home side inflicted more damage to the opposition with two more quality tries from Evan and Bradley. Then the half time whistle blew and it was time for a breather.

With the Twelvies’ confidence high the second half commenced. Even though the game plan was working, the home team were still aware of what St Josephs are capable of doing, so they knew that they had to keep the intensity and pressure on. The Twelves seemed to be doing this as they replied to a lengthy spell of St Josephs’ possession with another Evan H try making it 24-0. With the final whistle approaching and the finals in their sight, X11 Apostles confirmed their place at Leigh Miners with Evan H’s 3rd and X11 Apostles final try of the evening.

The game finished 30-0 making it X11 Apostles’ biggest and most impressive win of the season. The whole team were in mass joy as they realised they had just secured a place in both the Kirkhall cup and the John woods cup finals. The coaches couldn’t decide on one man of the match so they gave it to the whole team as it was a sensational joint effort.

Written by Reece and Evan H.


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Last week’s disappointment was soon rectified as XII Apostles rugby team easily beat Gilded Hollins. It was a cold, damp pitch on Friday 16th of March 2018 at XII Apostles on Nel Pan Lane but both teams were not bothered by the conditions.

The match kicked off at around 4 o clock. Remarkably, after the first set of 6, the home side made a tremendous break from Bradley and scored. Gilded Hollins fumbled at the restart and XII Apostles soon increased the score. Further tries were scored and they converted most kicks. Half time finished – it ended up at 24-0 to the home team.

The ref blew the whistle for the second half. The home team continued their dominant play and it was clear one team was more awake than the other team because Gilded Hollins continued to concede and make errors as Evan and Jude added to the home sides advantage. However, the visitors did get on the score sheet after many interchanges from both sides, Gilded Hollins scored twice themselves.

After a brilliant match the score line ended up 42-12 to the home side. Man of the match was awarded to Thomas and a special mention to Evan H for getting a hat-trick.

Written by Leon and Evan

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X11 Apostles First Spring Defeat

On Friday 9th of March, X11 Apostles had their first rugby match after the winter break. Throughout the school, everyone who was about to play were feeling rather giddy. The school bell could not ring soon enough as kick off would be around 4 o’clock. The opposition, Leigh C of E, arrived promptly at X11 Apostles and got changed into their rugby kits. Both teams were very eager and prepared for the kick off.

Leigh C of E scored first after some very strong runs and broke X11 Apostles defensive line. Then after another dominant spell, they doubled their lead with another try and conversion. X11 Apostles then made it 12-4 as Jude showed great creativity and bravery to scoot from close range and scored a spectacular try. Bradley then added the extra 2 points with his conversion. Moments later half time came. Both teams had a well- deserved rest. X11 Apostles had certainly not given up!

The second half was filled with tough tackles and both teams continued to run hard. However, Leigh C of E scored their 3rd try shortly after the break. This score was closely followed by a well-worked team try from X11 Apostles which disappointingly was ruled out after a forward pass was spotted by the referee. In the dying minutes of the game, Leigh C of E sealed their victory with a 4th try. The coach from X11 Apostles awarded the man of the match to Evan for great determination and teamwork.

Written by Thomas and Ethan.


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The Day The Twelves Lost

Twelve Apostles travelled to Bedford High on Thursday 1st February 2018 to play football against their rivals Newton West Park. Twelve Apostles were hoping for a win after they beat Sacred Heart, a very talented team, in their previous match. With their spirits high they were ready to take on Newton West Park.

At approximately 4pm the referee blew his whistle and the game begun. Newton West Park started the game strong and had most of the possession. They utilised this possession with well worked back to back goals. Twelve Apostles soon realised they had a mountain to climb. However, Evan finally scored a simple tap in making the score 2-1. For the rest of the half Twelve Apostles struggled to get the ball off Newton West Park as they had more possession and added another two goals to their lead. Half time came and both teams deserved a rest. The score at half time was 4-1 to the team in Yellow and blue.

During half time the Twelve Apostles coaches advised the players to put more pressure on the rival team and attack more, with more shots. Feelings started to change and more players started to display anger, however the referee didn’t need to take any action. Twelve Apostles had a better half and created a lot of more chances but just couldn’t execute these. On the other hand, Newton West Park seemed to have found their shooting boots and scored an additional three goals making the score 7-1. At the end of the game Jayden was awarded man of the match for his second half performance in defence.

After the final whistle Twelve Apostles were disappointed with the score but were quickly reminded of their previous successes. Hard work, endurance and perseverance in training would only be to the advantage of the team. Keep reading for further updates of Twelve Apostles’ progress.

Written by Jayden and Leo.

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Super Soccer Stars beat Sacred Heart

Super Soccer Stars beat Sacred Heart

X11 Apostles went to Bedford to play against Sacred Heart on Friday 26th January 2018. Twelve Apostles went into the game anxious as they were looking for their first victory of the season which they knew would be tough because Sacred Heart are a very talented team.

Before the first half started the mangers of both teams gave their team talks. At around 4 O’clock the game was under way. Within the early minutes Evan made it 1-0 to X11 Apostles. Every player displayed concentration to achieve accurate passes. Shortly after a long spell of possession, the reds knocked the ball into the box and Bradley scored a tap in. After a dominating display and intense focus twelve apostles scored a third with Leo. Unbelievably, twelve apostles managed to score a fourth with Leo bagging his second goal. At the end of the first it was 4-0.

During half time both teams made substitutions. Soon after the kick off, Sacred Heart scored their first goal to make 4-1. This was a reminder to Twelve Apostles that the game was not sealed and Sacred Heart were fired up. After brilliant play from Sacred Heart, they scored another 2 goals which bought the score to 4-3. XII apostles were desperate not to let their lead slip and battled fiercely. Evan then scored another goal to ease their nerves. However, this 2 goal lead was quickly chopped to one as sacred Heart scored another making the last few minutes very tense. The final whistle blew and the reds were ecstatic.

Twelve Apostles had won the tight game marginally 5-4 and took all three points with their first win. After a solid performance at the back Jac was awarded man of the match.

Written by Jac and

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A Christmas Chorus

Twelve Apostles is already filled with the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. Every individual is busy preparing for many events to come both in and out of school; for instance, on Wednesday 6th December, the school choir participated in the parish carol concert. The congregation was in awe at the sound of the amazing, angelic voices that echoed around the church. The Twelve Apostles choir were joined by six other schools.

Each class is now preparing for the upcoming carol service in school – the children, along with their teachers, have selected a Christmas carol to sing in front of the school. For the whole school, this is a truly exciting time because they all get to showcase their talents. Visitors have commented on the lovely ethos the school gives out.

In addition, Year two have not only got this on their hands but also have to practise the school’s annual nativity play. Each year this play goes forth and this year the matinee is on Wednesday 13th December and the evening performance takes place on Thursday 14th December. What stars they are!!

Every Wednesday after school, choir have been practising for their events that are planned for them. For example: they will be singing at M&S to raise money for the schools chosen charities. Also, they will be going to Hourigan House to bring joy to the elderly community.

Next Thursday 14 December in the morning, the Year fives (Including two Year sixes) are inviting parents and guardians to a musical ensemble using trumpets, trombones and tenor horns. Will they succeed in impressing the audience?

After all the frantic events happening, a well-earned rest and a pat on the back is needed for the whole school, teachers, students and assistants.


Merry Christmas to all. HO! HO! HO!

Written by Poppy and Joel.


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Match Report: Twelve Apostles vs St. Gabriels

It was the first game of the season for XII Apostles against St. Gabriel’s and both teams arrived at Bedford on Friday 17th November. They had trained very hard in pre-season for this opportunity and the match started around four o’clock and both teams were raring to go.

St Gabriel’ scored 2 goals after Corey tried his best to save them but he didn’t succeed. However, Evan, XII Apostles’ striker, smashed the ball in the back of the net like a race car making the score line 2-1 at half time. At half time XII Apostles made substitutes which were Darragh for Jake and Joey for Jayden and they was ready to go.

After the half time team talk, the men in red must of understood their two coaches (Mr Forshaw and Mr Rowlands) because they came back with their heads high. It definitely showed because after going 4-1 down with another two goals from St. Gabriels, they did not look down and out. Corey kicked the ball up field and Evan smashed the ball into the back of the net which made it 4-2. Suddenly, with XII Apostles on the attack again, Evan had hit the ball so hard the keeper fell onto the floor and Evan struck it again and scored his 3rd goal which made it 4-3 and Evan had a hat-trick. However, XII Apostles were not finished yet and Evan scored his 4th goal of the game! Completing the second half come back, this made the scoring 4-4 and at that moment the final whistle went and it ended a draw.

After the game, the XII Apostles coaches were so happy it ended a draw. Both teams got a point each. XII Apostles’ man of the match was Darragh as he did an impressive job defending all the shots.

Written by Corey and Bradley

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Match report: Twelve Apostles Rugby Team vs Bedford Hall Methodist Rugby Team

Twelve apostles travelled across Leigh in the second game of the season to play away at Bedford Hall Methodist on Thursday 12th October 2017. The Twelve Apostles team went into the game with high spirits as they had just come off the back of a good win against their fierce rivals Newton Westpark in the opening game of the season.

The game kicked off at around 4pm and the away team seemed to settle into the game quite quickly and got their first try on the scoresheet within the first five minutes, as Bradley scored a well worked try. This try was followed by 2 more by Evan and Leon before Bedford woke up and started to match Twelve Apostles effort. Minutes before half time, Bedford’s efforts were rewarded with a try. Making the score at half time 6 – 18 to Twelve Apostles.

The second half started and it was clear to see that both teams were raring to go. Twelve Apostles continued their scoring with a try from Thomas. However, Bedford replied instantly with a try of their own. Towards the end of the game both teams got into a heated battle, each team increased the numbers on the score sheet with each team scoring three more tries with Evan adding two to his tally making it a hat-trick and Jake picking up a well-deserved try.

After a very exciting and intense game Twelve Apostles held on for another win and took two points back to Westleigh with the game finishing at 24 – 42, with Jake collecting the man of the match for his excellent team performance.

Written by Evan G

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Match Report: Twelve Apostles Rugby Team vs Newton West Park Rugby Team

After all the hardwork both teams had put into preseason the opening game of the season had arrived and landed on a dismal Friday afternoon, on 6th October, XII Apostles hosted Newton West Park in the eagerly anticipated battle of Nel Pan Lane.

Unfortunately, the field was extremely heavy and dense with mud. The Blues were fired up for this local derby and kicked off at around 4pm and the hosts were quick to open the scoring with a try in the first few minutes, it was created by Evan H. who made a clean 40 yard break and off-loaded to Jake. This was converted to add the extras. The crowd cheered with celebration. This game seemed to be a one-sided game as XII Apostles scored 3 more consecutive tries before half time.

After the interval it seemed that both teams had not lost any energy and the half time team talks benefitted both teams. It was the home side who carried on their try scoring form adding another three to their tally. In the final closing minutes, the visitors gave the away fans something to cheer about as they scored a well-deserved consolation try.

The final score was 36 – 6 giving Twelve Apostles their first 2 points of the season and lots of confidence for their upcoming fixture. The man of the match was shared between Reece and Bradley with Jude, Leo, Bradley, Evan G, Stephen and Jake (2) the try scorers on the day.

Written by Jude and Evan H.

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