Super Soccer Stars beat Sacred Heart

Super Soccer Stars beat Sacred Heart

X11 Apostles went to Bedford to play against Sacred Heart on Friday 26th January 2018. Twelve Apostles went into the game anxious as they were looking for their first victory of the season which they knew would be tough because Sacred Heart are a very talented team.

Before the first half started the mangers of both teams gave their team talks. At around 4 O’clock the game was under way. Within the early minutes Evan made it 1-0 to X11 Apostles. Every player displayed concentration to achieve accurate passes. Shortly after a long spell of possession, the reds knocked the ball into the box and Bradley scored a tap in. After a dominating display and intense focus twelve apostles scored a third with Leo. Unbelievably, twelve apostles managed to score a fourth with Leo bagging his second goal. At the end of the first it was 4-0.

During half time both teams made substitutions. Soon after the kick off, Sacred Heart scored their first goal to make 4-1. This was a reminder to Twelve Apostles that the game was not sealed and Sacred Heart were fired up. After brilliant play from Sacred Heart, they scored another 2 goals which bought the score to 4-3. XII apostles were desperate not to let their lead slip and battled fiercely. Evan then scored another goal to ease their nerves. However, this 2 goal lead was quickly chopped to one as sacred Heart scored another making the last few minutes very tense. The final whistle blew and the reds were ecstatic.

Twelve Apostles had won the tight game marginally 5-4 and took all three points with their first win. After a solid performance at the back Jac was awarded man of the match.

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