Last week’s disappointment was soon rectified as XII Apostles rugby team easily beat Gilded Hollins. It was a cold, damp pitch on Friday 16th of March 2018 at XII Apostles on Nel Pan Lane but both teams were not bothered by the conditions.

The match kicked off at around 4 o clock. Remarkably, after the first set of 6, the home side made a tremendous break from Bradley and scored. Gilded Hollins fumbled at the restart and XII Apostles soon increased the score. Further tries were scored and they converted most kicks. Half time finished – it ended up at 24-0 to the home team.

The ref blew the whistle for the second half. The home team continued their dominant play and it was clear one team was more awake than the other team because Gilded Hollins continued to concede and make errors as Evan and Jude added to the home sides advantage. However, the visitors did get on the score sheet after many interchanges from both sides, Gilded Hollins scored twice themselves.

After a brilliant match the score line ended up 42-12 to the home side. Man of the match was awarded to Thomas and a special mention to Evan H for getting a hat-trick.

Written by Leon and Evan

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