Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

  • Teacher: Mrs Marsden
  • Teaching Assistants: Mrs Seddon

Welcome to year 6 and your last year in primary school! This is a really important year as you are now the role models for all the other children in our school. There is a lot of work to do, but a lot of fun to be had too. Not only will you go on our fabulous residential trip to Robin Wood, you’ll also prepare for and take your SAT tests. Throughout the year you will develop your learning powers as well as building your independence, resilience, organisational and communication skills so that you are fully ready to take the next big step to secondary school.

Spring Term 2019

Another busy term has passed and again, it’s been a really successful one. We started the Spring term with bang and really tested ourselves during our residential visit to Robin Wood. Resilience, perseverance, collaboration and communication were just some of the skills we developed…and we made a few memories too!

We finished our Amazon topic and to complete what we had learnt, we were visited by a few furry, scaly and slithery friends – the photographs say it all!

In English, we met Stanley and his friends at Camp Green Lake when we read Louis Sacher’s Holes and we debated the actions of Kissin’ Kate Barlow. In the second half of the term we were visited by the author, John Malam, who told us a wonderful true story about two brothers during WWI. This lead us to investigate our local area during WWI and we discovered that there was a prisoner of war camp in Leigh during this time. After lots of research, we completed authentic and historically accurate diaries and letters as a German POW.

We’ve learnt about ‘clever carbs’ during our DT week and even cooked healthy meals for each other, and in computing we published our very own website on the world wide web! However, one of the most memorable events this term has to be the fantastic Let’s Sing project; 2 months of hard work and practise (and learning Welsh!) cumulated in a fantastic performance thoroughly enjoyed by all. There were lots of children brave enough to audition for a solo part, and three children who actually sang solos on the night.

This term has seen the start of our booster period and we have certainly been working hard and preparing for our SATs. Again, resilience and determination has served us well and we’ve improved our knowledge, skills…and scores, greatly.

Well done, Year 6. Keep up the hard work and let’s make your last term at XII Apostles a great one.

Happy Easter!

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Parent Guide; End of Year Expectations Year 6

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Spring Term 2019 Topic Map

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