Friends of XII Apostles, Leigh

The Friends of XII Apostles is anyone who wishes to be a friend of the school. This includes parents, grandparents, and relatives of any child who attends XII Apostles School. In short the Friends are people who wish to help the school.

The Friends support School in a variety of ways:

  • They help on school trips
  • They do jobs in and around school
  • They organise fund raising and social events
  • They help and support at the events
  • They sell tickets and donate prizes

Some of the fund raising events we have held recently have included:

  • Sponsored Bouncy Castle
  • Sponsored Swim
  • Sponsored Marathon
  • Fashion Show
  • Skycycle – recycling of clothing and bric a brac
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Race Night
  • Body Shop Evenings
  • Mile of Copper
  • Christmas Raffle
  • Sale of Children’s Calendars
  • Sale of Christmas Cards designed by your child
  • Toy Sale
  • Sponsorship of weekly newsletter
  • Prize Bingo
  • Las Vegas Afternoon

Fundraising Events Mile of Copper

Fundraising Events Mile of Copper November 2016 1 Fundraising Events Mile of Copper November 2016 2 Fundraising Events Mile of Copper November 2016 3 Fundraising Events Mile of Copper November 2016 4 Fundraising Events Mile of Copper November 2016 5

Our valued friends:

The work of the friends is so valuable to our school. It means the children have the opportunity to take part in fun events and the funds raised pay for lots of things in school. For example in recent years they have paid for:

  • New equipment on the playground
  • Refurbishment of Art Area
  • Digital cameras for each class
  • Learning resources for whole school
  • Outdoor play area for Reception Class
  • Supporting trips and special visitors to school e.g. authors, theatre companies

The friends have meetings once a term in school to discuss planned events, new ideas and how to spend the money raised. We would really welcome new parents at these meetings, they are very informal, so please come along for a chat, coffee and cake.