Special Educational Needs Provision

The school’s mission statement aims state:

  1. To place Christ at the centre of everything we do
  2. To recognise that each child is unique and to ensure that each child is educated to fulfil their human potential
  3. To develop an understanding of Community; being able to recognise, respect and celebrate the diversity of all within it.

Therefore pupils’ experience of relationships within the school is one of care and respect for each individual, and that to achieve this aim the school will:

  • ensure that each child will be given equal esteem
  • value each child’s uniqueness
  • develop in all members of the school community a sense of tolerance, courtesy, respect and compassion
  • encourage everyone to work as a team and to be supportive of each other
  • encourage everyone to have due respect for the opinions of others and to
  • appreciate the needs of each other
  • ensure that every child has full access to the whole of the National Curriculum
  • ensure that every child’s educational, social, emotional, physical and spiritual
  • needs are met to the best of the school’s ability and resources

These aims form the background and fundamental principles behind our school’s special needs education and support. We therefore intend that the needs of all the pupils who may have special educational needs either throughout, or at any time during, their time at X11 Apostles will be met and provided for in the most suitable and appropriate way.

The school follows the DFE Code of Practice and has a clear well defined written policy for special needs education throughout the school. This policy states the definition of special needs, the thorough assessments undertaken through the child’s time in school, the monitoring and evaluation of children with special educational needs, and the support given. It details the importance of the knowledge, views and experience of parents as a vital and important part of the effective assessment and provision for the children with special educational needs.

If a need is identified, extra help, targeted support and provision is put in place immediately. At least three times every year staff meet to review the special needs of the children in each class .This provision may be initially class based or may come from the school’s educational psychologist, targeted teacher for support or involve another appropriate outside agency. The child’s special needs may require medical help or advice, and therefore, we would involve the school nurse or the particular doctor or hospital dealing with that child. A number of children may need to have a formal Statement of Special needs. This is a legal document that obliges the school and/or the local authority to provide suitable and appropriate support for those children.

It must be emphasised that parents are consulted at every step of the process .Through the consistent and thorough way we support children with special educational needs, we ensure the children receive the best education possible.