A shoe upon the dance floor!!!

dsi wintergardens Michael-Malitowski-Joanna-Leunis-41

one of the worlds most well know international ‘sport’ is dance… the main format of dance that I am going to focus on today is Ballroom and Latin.

Here are a few main dances performed in ballroom format is: waltz, quickstep, rumba, American smooth, foxtrot and many more… the most significant routines in Latin differ from those of the ballroom completely such as: cha cha cha, jive, samba, rumba and many others… these dances are said to have been made for energetic reasons.

As a dancer myself, I have experienced the blood, sweat and tears of the dance floor.

Professional dancers have to fight for a spot as their representative for their countries, the world latin champions have to battle with life of a celebrity

the latin world champions out of the world, going in order from 1 to 3 are:

1. Michael malotovski   and Joanna leunnis- whom have been dancing for 15 years together and have won 9 consecutive years in a row, they also dance for England which is a bonus. Even though they recently retired.

2. Yulia and Riccardo- whom have been dancing for 7 years they have still not won a trophy for first, they always seem to come 2nd, they dance for Canada.

3. Andréa and Marizio- these dance represent slvakia and seem to come 3rd in every competition.

The champion competitions are mainly held at the winter gardens, this is a very well known theatre with dance floor, this is where last years champion competition was held.



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