Restless Wrestlers

wwe menIMG_0120WWE Super Stars

One of the famous wrestles from wwe is John Cena.He won  the wwe championship in 2014 and lost it to Brock Lesnar  in 2015 Summerslam.John Cena wanted a rematch at night of champions and still John Cena came out with not only blood on his face but defeat.In wrestlemania 30 Brock Lesnar beat the undertaker and stopped the undefeated streak of 24.Wrestlemania 31 Roman Reighns had a match vs Brock lesnar for the wwe championship but Seth Rowlings cashed in and walked away with it not just  the belt but Roman Reighns dream with it.There was super shock at survivor series, Big Show betrayed John Cena half way through the main event with a huge punch to the face this led to him being out surprisingly.

 WWE Divas

A famous diva is Niki Bella who is Divas champion thanks to her twin sister Bri bella.Bri helped her defeat Paige because of a career threatening deal.Paige wanted her belt back depretley so she asked for as many opportunity’s as he could but kept losing all because of Bri bella.At this years money in the bank Paige had another opportunity and lost once again.Will anyone defeat Niki?The head of the divas Stephanie Mcmahon made the career threatening deal as you can see she is not a very nice person.Bri was once fired but Stephanie nearly went to prison for slapping Bri when she was part of the crowd so she dose not work for her.Thanks to Stephanie’s husband Triple H baild her out.

WWE Games

One of the recent console game is wwe 2k15.On this game you can have career mode which is you make your own wwe superstar and play matches also you can have title opportunity’s to make your guy a superstar. Another mode is wwe universe this mode allows you to play as superstars and create your own wwe. you can also add in your own superstars. A game for phones , ipads , tablets and kindle fires is wwe supercard.In this game you make a team of superstars and a diva. you can get different types of cards which are commons ,uncommons  , rares , super rares ,  ultra rares epics ,  legandarys  , survivors and wrestlemanias.

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