The amazing corgi dogs :D

untitledcorgi 4corgi 3cute corgi 2cute corgi dogqueens corgi 2Queens-CorgisA corgi dog is one of the most intelligent type of dogs around.

They are that intelligent they can knock at your door to play with you.

They are that popular even the queen has a corgi.

They are a very cute breed and I can tell you that for sure because I once made friends  with a corgi.

They are easy to teach tricks because I taught the corgi I met a trick and it was when I made a silly noise he would gently charge at my sister and nock her over.

I call this 1 pin bowling 🙂

The corgi I met was called Dawin and he loved Kit cat chocolate bars

when he had a break of playing fetch or football.

When we was about to leave to go home he gave us like a month supplies of Kitcats.

That’s all I can say about corgis I hope you enjoy and happy dog loving

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