The Worlds Biggest Cat Gossip

catCheetah Big cats are facsinating creaturesAnimal  they live a hard life having to chase their prey (food) all over the place to have something to eat. I will name a few types of big cats: the lion, the cheetah, the tiger, a lion, a jaguar and a snow leopard.

The big cats all have a different style of hunting their prey for example cheetahs Stalk their prey and use their unimaginable speed to catch the animal. Although jaguars climb high in trees to pounce on the prey.

Snow leopards live in cold , snowy mountains and have very thick fur to keep them warm. I have recently adopted a snow leopard because they are hunted for fur.

All big cats feed their babies milk until they are a bit older and they will then eat meat. When they are teenagers they will hunt for themselves.

Tigers are incredibly dangerous big cats, they are master killers and they are probably the most vicious animals in India. They are strong fast powerful creatures. These mammals are probably one of the most dangerous big cats of all.

There are lots of vicious big cats but the number one big cat is the lion it is the most well known big cat. It is thought that the males hunt however it is actually the females do all of the hunting. Lions are that dangerous that one lady was on a safari and rolled down her window to take a picture of the lion then it bit her, circled the car and then dragged the body out.

We know these big cats are wonders of the world. That’s all for today about big cats but please comment on me.




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