Wonderful Winners At Westleigh

On September 19th 2017, a team of year sixes travelled after school to Westleigh High to play in a netball-football tournament against several teams in numerous matches. The competition started at 4 o’clock and ended at 6 o’clock.


Feelings were mixed among the netball players; some were excited and some were more confident than others. The team were all nervous- no doubt about that -as it was their first ever netball competition in year 6. Everyone was full of anticipation while they waited for their parents to appear. The tension grew inside the netball players as their turn in the netball competition came to them. The Netball girls walked up with confidence to play their first ever game of the year.

Later, after the amazing game ended the netball team won by one nil. They took a quick drink and changed the sub for the next round. The match started and the netball girls took a breath as the whistle was blown by the coach. They had matches back to back and were successful.

The kind people who organized the event allowed them to have free food such as fish and chips, hot dogs and ice cream.

After they had eaten their food, they all walked to the sports hall where the awards were presented to the players. The event leader announced in reverse order the winners. Eventually, after the anticipation built up Twelve Apostles found out that they had come first. They had won 3 matches and drew 1. One of the football players couldn’t contain his excitement and was dancing around the gymnasium.


Written by Kathryn, Eve, Clodagh and Jake.

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