Oh what a year it has been!

As the school year comes to the end, old news is just beginning. Numerous events have occurred throughout the whole school and they have all been documented down in this article. The feelings of some students are mixed; some are afraid of moving on but others are excited for new changes ahead.


Some Year two children were questioned about coming into KS2

Ceira was quoted, “I feel very happy to finally be transitioning to the juniors”

Maisy said, “I have grown in knowledge this year and I feel incredibly intelligent; I feel as though I am prepared for all the hard questions and challenges I will soon face.”

Carrie stated, “I feel important that I’m finally going into KS2 and that I get to experience the wonders that wait ahead.”

The interview consisted of talking back and forth and the children asked the year 6 interviewers the following question:

“Are the teachers strict?”

During the year, there have been themed weeks, competitions, special events and much more. The autumn term began with an assembly that launched the beginning of the writing theme “The Day The Crayons Quit”. Each class participated from reception through to year 6. Generally, everyone was enthusiastic and excitement swept through school. Certain classes recalled the story through various actions and pictures that enabled them to remember the basics.

Sports And Sportings Events!

At Twelve Apostles, there is a wide range of opportunities to take. Sports is one of them; there are many events and tournaments you can go to and it all starts with joining a club. At Twelve Apostles, we have around 7 sporting clubs you can join. They are: Netball,Rugby,Football,Cricket,Hockey,Basketball and Dodgeball.

Westleigh Netball-Football Tournament

On September 19th,2017, the year 6 football and netball team travelled to Westleigh for a competition. It started at 4 o’ clock and ended at 6:00pm. Feelings were mixed and excitement was in the air. The netball and football teams tried their hardest and victory was soon theirs. They celebrated their victory in school when it was announced that they had won.

Super Spring Victory

On Friday 16th March 2018, the Twelve Apostles’ rugby team faced Gilded Hollins. It was a damp and cold day but Twelve Apostles was determined to win. Twelve Apostles’ efforts to succeed was worth it since we scored 24-0 by half time. Even though half time was over, Twelve Apostle’s rugby player’s determination did not die out fast. By the end of the match, Twelve Apostles won with a shocking 41-12 and everyone was proud of them.

John Woods cup

Friday 25th May was a tragic day for Twelve Apostle’s rugby team. Twelve Apostles faced Leigh CE ; they were excited yet anxious of what would come . During the match, Twelve Apostle’s rugby team showed great skill but, sadly, they did not win in the end. Despite this, Leigh CE’s coach praised our team and everyone was proud of the efforts that were put in.

Then, later in that Autumn term, the Year Six children were treated with an afternoon of unusual creatures. The creatures featured, ranged from leopard geckos to tarantulas. Some of the members from that year six class were selected to complete challenges with the animals. Some of the challenges were having a millipede as a moustache and to being kissed by a large lizard called a tenko.

Around Christmas time, every child in the school had breakfast with Santa in the hall and got an early present. Everyone was given a selection of snacks and drinks with their friends. Many of the infants were amazed and excited that it was Santa. Then, the school had organised and hosted the annual Christmas party; there was lots of games to play and prizes to be won.

In Spring term one, the year fours started their sacramental programme. It lasted for a few weeks; they had a meeting every Wednesday. Then, later that term, the “mad” scientist came in and demonstrated to the school some amazing experiments

The final term, Summer 2, has been no exception to the whole of the year- busy, busy, busy. For example, there have been several trips including the Year 5 residential, to Tatten Hall, the year six trip to Haigh Hall and Year 4 were fortunate enough to see talented children from across the Wigan Borough performing classical music and retelling the story “Peter and The Wolf”. Reception visited Manchester airport for the afternoon; they even went into the cockpit. Year 2 took part in a… sporting event!

The Year 6 class hosted an enterprise event consisting of finding market research, advertising their products and designing their stalls and logos. This resulted in over a magnificent amount of over… £380. The current class decided to donate beanbags and books to the school along with buying pizzas, hotdogs and ice-cream for their end of year rounders match.

Everyone received their end of year reports and KS1 and KS2 received their national SATs report. Most parents and children alike were proud and celebratory of their results.

This year’s been great, even Mrs. Newton agrees! Here are some of her highlights of the year. She enjoys assemblies, performances and plays as it gathers together all the people of the school. Every other day, in assembly, she quotes, “It lifts my spirits!”

Speaking of children, she prefers spending time with the children as much as she can, over writing out paperwork. She likes sharing picture books with the infants and reading / playing games with the year sixes.

She is proud of all of us, for example; the year sixes and their SATs and the rugby team for getting into the semi-finals.

She enjoyed working with the liturgy team, as they were humorous and fun to work with. She also enjoyed going on trips with the students, for example, the art gallery with Year Five and going to Robin Wood with the Year Sixes.

The whole school would like to wish good luck to the Year Sixes and to everyone who will soon move classes.

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