What a Wowzer Welcome!!!


After a long summer’s break, the students are ready to learn once more! They are very sure that this year is going to be a superb year. There are many exciting topics planned in the curriculum and both pupils and staff will be extremely occupied.

For busy parents, the school has an amazing breakfast club that the children can attend before school. This club is available to all year groups and the children can be dropped off just before 8.00 am. They are provided with a nutricious breakfast and then entertained with various activities such as games, craft work and there is even an exercise regime to finish off with.

There will be a range of after school clubs and these are available to everyone. These are listed below.


  • Choir 3:15 – 4-15 Miss Hitchen YR 4 5 & 6
  • Cross country 12:15-12:45 Mr Moore KS2
  • Homework Club 12:15-12:45 Mrs Seddon KS2
  • Basketball 3:15-4:15 Mr Moore KS2


  • Infants Sport Club 3:15-4:15 Mr Moore & Mrs Gallagher YR 1 & 2
  • Athletics 12:15-12:45 Mr Moore KS2
  • Library 12:15-12:45 Mrs Peters KS2


  • Knitting club 12:45-13:15 Mrs McKintyre (Grandparent) KS2
  • Liturgy Team 12:30-13pm Mrs Newton YR 5 & 6
  • Non- participants Infant sports 12-12:30 Mr Moore KS1
  • French 3:15-4:15 Miss Ryan YR3 Autumn term
  • Netball 3:15-4:15 Miss Hope & Mr Moore YR 4 5 & 6


  • Eco club 3:15-4:15 Mrs Gallagher & Stella YR2
  • Football 3:15-4:15 Mr Moore & Mr Rowland KS2
  • Infant skills 12-12:30 Mr Moore KS1
  • Library 12:15-12:45 Mrs Peters KS2


  • Homework club 12:15-12:45 Mrs Seddon KS2
  • School Council 12:15-12:45 Mr Rowlands KS1 & 2
  • Juniors Skills practice 12:15-12:45 Mr Moore KS2
  • Rugby (Cricket Seasonal) Inter School competition 3:15-4:15 KS2
  • There are numerous clubs for everyone in school so the children and the teachers will be busy as a bee!                                 -Reported by Joel & Isabelle









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