Champion Hockey Children

On Friday 5th of October, XII Apostles had a hockey tournament at Leigh Sports Village with Mr Moore their coach. He was confident that they would win but there were 18 school to halt this achievement.

They started off by warming up and soon they started their matches. The first match was a superb victory with Bradley scoring minutes after the kick-off resulting in a 1-0 victory. After a little break they had their second match. Unfortunately, they lost this second match with the other team winning with a 1-0 lead. The third match was tense until Jac set up the forward twice and winning it for them. Eventually, the time arrived for the final match for the knock out stages. Suspense filled the air and both teams didn’t score all match. Consequently, both sides were shocked.

After they went onto the main pitch to see who went through, XII Apostles got promoted to the semi-finals. 20 minutes later they played Bedford Hall in the semi-finals. It was very one-sided as the main striker scored 5 goals and Jac scored 3 goals. The final whistle blew and X11 Apostles had won with an amazing score of 8–1.

The final was against Bickershaw and all the players were extremely nerve wrecked. The score finished 2-0 and the children ran around celebrating their achievement. Mr Moore could not have been more elated if he had won the world cup.

Reported by Bradley and Jac

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